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Care swimsuit

Care swimsuit

Swimsuit calls for a delicate handling . Despite the fact that the basis of the leotard is sturdy and resilient spandex , sea water, sunscreen and chlorine pool adversely affect the properties of the tissue . Improper care swimsuit shape and quickly lose its original color .

The main rule - obligatory rinse in running fresh water and hand wash in soapy water at a temperature not greater than 30 ° C.

In any case you can not leave the product in a wet rolled up in a plastic bag ! Washing and drying in the washing machine (even in a special bag ) is inadmissible . Bra bone can pierce the fabric pouch and cause damage to the washer .

Never use products containing chlorine, and bleaching agents , and air conditioning . Dry in shade .

Special characters are printed on the label of your bathing suit , correct mode prompt washing, drying and ironing.