Fabrics used in the production of underwear

Lace - delicate ornament produced different weave. Modern lace is made from synthetic fibers that enhance their strength, durability, make lace and silky soft. Depending on the method of weaving the lace can be elastic and inelastic. But in any case - it's the finest products that make lingerie elegant, attractive and comfortable. Lace - patterned openwork fabric formed by a complex weave. Lace itself is a jewel in any clothes. Therefore, products of lacy linen look incredibly advantageous and do not require complex cut.

Embroidery - Engraving on canvas with special embroidery machines. Embroidery - the ancient art of decorating clothing. Inherently embroidery and amulets were intended to protect against evil forces. It was only much later became decorate exclusively for decorative purposes. To work can be used a variety of yarns: wool, silk, cotton, metallic thread, metallic, synthetic. All kinds of embroidered designs give underwear sophistication and finesse.

Elastic jacquard - woven fabrics of synthetic staple fibers mixed by special complex interplay. The material name is derived from the name of the inventor - French weaver Joseph Marie Dzhakkara who created a machine for weaving jacquard. Thanks alternation shiny and matte yarns, Jacquard has expressed relief pattern on the fabric. Jacquard fabrics are strong and durable, have good dimensional stability and stable color, as the first yarn dyed fabric. Jacquard - one of expensive fabrics, as its labor-intensive production. Elasticity satin made ​​of highly twisted yarn double weave.

Satin - a wonderful alternative to silk. Thanks torsion and special weaving yarns satin fabric has a high luster, durability and good breathability. Satin sheen satin always looks more impressive.

Elastic velvet fabric with a pile outer surface of a mixture of synthetic and natural fibers. Synthetic fibers are added velvet strength and simplify its maintenance. In the manufacture of velvet knitted base to get involved more strands forming loop pile. Cut loop pile on one side, resulting in a dense, soft, velvety, well draped fabric. Velvet - a great option for smart tailoring and exquisite lingerie sets. Clothes made of velvet always luxurious and exquisitely elegant.

Microfiber (or microfiber) scrim of ultrathin microfilaments obtained microfiber (nylon or polyester with the addition of elastane yarns) by twisting. During twisting the fibers formed microgaps that leak air and moisture. As a result microfiber has a high air and moisture permeability, high strength and elasticity. Underwear made ​​of microfiber is very pleasant to the body, perfectly fits the shape. As part of the microfibre polyamide, in the care of microfiber products should strictly observe the washing instructions on the label.