Terms matching underwear and swimsuit (Bra fitting)

  1. Time bra should sit flush front and rear, parallel to the floor.
  2. The chest should be placed in the bra cups so that he did not press it, and a tight fit.
  3. The upper edge of the cup should not peredavlivat chest.
  4. Frameworks should ideally fit the middle of the chest and under the breasts should not crush and cause discomfort.
  5. Straps should be straight, slightly strained and not dig into the shoulders.
  6. Bra should not leave marks on the skin.

And what if during the fitting belt bra rises up?

This means that its amount is too large. Then you must choose the bra smaller volume, but with a large cup size. For example, if belt bra size 75B rises, the amount of 70C.You will be comfortable as 75B and 70C cups are the same, and the amount of different zones. This is called a "parallel dimensions".

Table parallel dimensions

And what if:

  • cups in a bra top is not close to the body? The reason probably is too large cups. Correctly matched cup should be shaped to cup center stints on the most projecting point of the chest.
  • breast bra peeking out from the bottom? The most common cause is too small cups or too much belt. Properly selected volume bra so when we feel it a little, but it is not too tight. Also, the cause may be greatly tightened the straps.
  • frame presses? The reason may be the wrong size bra perfectly matched or not the appropriate form of the carcass in the typology: the woman with widely spaced bra breasted suits, designed to close the chest located. Frames in this case are arranged close to each other and cause discomfort. Frameworks bra should be located under the breast, do not rub the skin and does not dig into the very bosom.